• Creamy milk

    "It's absolutely fabulous. So unbelievably creamy. I cannot get over the taste. Top quality product. Better than Baileys!"

  • Sports and fitness

    "Guys, can't thank you enough. Your milk has helped me get back playing quicker than ever. It is truly a super food."

  • Traditional milk

    "I'd like to congratulate you for the hard work and important product you're bringing to society. I grew up with this milk. Thank you again for a proper glass of milk in our superficial world."

  • 1. Commitment to organic

    We commit to organic principles, including protecting and expanding our farm's support and space for insects, birds and wild animals. Using zero chemical pesticides, sprays and fertilisers.

  • 2. Commitment to cow welfare

    We commit to uphold the highest possible animal welfare standards, where cows are milked in a gentler system, just once-a-day, and ensure they are treated with kindness and respect.

  • 3. Commitment to raw milk

    We commit to ensure that all the milk we produce is done using the highest hygine and animal welfare standards that is both Department of Agriculture and Irish Organic Assocation certified. It is unhomogenised, unpasteurised and will ALWAYS have the cream left on top.

Thank you for making us the 2022 Farming for Nature winner!

We were blown away by winning the annual Farming for Nature award. We were truly honoured to win the overall public vote, especially as we greatly admire and respect the work the other farmers were doing. Thank you to everyone who voted for us and we promise we will keep striving to put nature first at Templeroe Dairy.

About the farmers

Seán Condon and Hannah Quinn-Mulligan are organic farmers and neighbours, who are both passionate about farming for nature, organic agriculture and good food.

Hannah, approached the long-standing organic dairy farmer to find out how to milk cows with the idea of converting her nearby beef suckler herd to organic dairy. Initially skeptical, Sean soon recognised her passion for cows and they combined to form Templeroe Dairy.

While they now have enough land to milk over 200 cows, the pair are committed to leaving space for nature to thrive and milk just 45 cows with another ten pedigree Hereford cattle. They use holistic and regenerative agriculture practices.

Farming for nature